About Us

Serving our Community for over 25 Years

We began with a small nursery and landscaping crew in the year 1981, just as we started raising our own family. Everyone is involved: Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and now our own children. Working together has been a great experience for our family.

Today we concentrate on being the best landscaping company in the Yuba Sutter area. We are looking forward to the next 25 years of service to our community.


The best way for Barrow’s Landscaping to reassure our client’s peace of mind is through constant communication. We call when your job is slated to start, we call to update you on the progress, we call if there is a schedule change and we call to inform you about potential substitutions. WE COMMUNICATE!


We feel our customers should not be subjected to an unsafe working environment or undesirable living conditions. At no additional charge, Barrow’s Landscaping cleans your yard and street of left over debris and trash every night. Our crews always portray themselves in a professional manner, therefore you will never see us smoking or chewing tobacco on your property. Upon the completion of your property’s transformation, we hope to have accomplished one of our main goals…THRILLED PATRONS!!!


We do our best to complete every job with efficiency. Every last detail is accounted for, assuring a prompt completion. Barrow’s Landscaping stands behind our quality workmanship. Post construction concerns are always handled in a timely manner. You and your project are our first priorities.


We understand you are not just purchasing a landscape service. You are investing in our team to build a fantastic outdoor environment. We offer an experience that will not only improve your home’s appearance, but will also improving the time you spend with your family, friends and neighbors. We hope you choose Barrow’s Landscaping to grant you the peace of mind you deserve when constructing your landscape.