Commercial Hydroseed

Hydroseed and Erosion Control

Erosion Control blends for highway and subdivision work is a fast, cost effective way to provide premium erosion control. It is a mixture of fiber mulch, grass seed, fertilizer, a bonding agent, and water. It is sprayed onto bare soil and in a couple of weeks you will have a beautiful new lawn.

Bonded Fiber Matrix

BFM is a commonly used by Cal Trans and County agencies. BFM is applied in three to four applications cross directionally. This is good for 6+ months of coverage.

Application rates depend on terrain Better Density, Faster wear recovery, Better wintering

Straw Wattles

Straw Wattles are long tubular, rolls of mocious weed-free rice straw, wrapped in black plastic netting. They are approximately 8 inches in diameter and 25-30 feet long. Staked into place along hillsides that have been recently constructed or disturbed, the rolls will last for 3-5 years and are particularly useful in preventing erosion by trapping and holding sediment on the slopes. They are an excellent short term solution to reestablishing natural vegetation on hillsides.