Sprinkler Repair Service

Sprinkler systems that work properly and are well-maintained can go a long way toward having an amazing yard that is water efficient and beautiful. As a full-service landscape company, Barrow’s Landscaping can handle all of your irrigation repair needs.

Broken mainlines

If your lawn has areas that are consistently soggy or have standing water, your irrigation system may have a broken water line below the surface of your lawn. We can evaluate your specific situation, look for broken pipes, recommend solutions for irrigation repair, and perform the appropriate sprinkler repairs.

Broken sprinkler heads and irrigation valves

Broken sprinkler heads and irrigation valves can cause large amounts of water from your sprinkler system to gush out onto your lawn, potentially leading to flooded areas in your yard. If you have this type of sprinkler problem, we can meet your repair needs by replacing or repairing your irrigation system’s spray heads so your system works smoothly.

Irrigation clock replacement

Your sprinkler system’s timer tells your sprinkler system when to turn on and off, as well as how long to run. As with any piece of electrical equipment, timers can sometimes fail. Timers may stop working if there is a blown fuse or power outage, and they may need to be replaced if they stop working even with power available. If your timer isn’t working properly, we will find out why and fix the problem.

Sprinkler system wire tracing

Since most of your sprinkler system’s parts are buried underground and not visible, it can be difficult to locate areas that are leaking or damaged without digging up large areas of your lawn. So if your system isn’t working properly, how can you find the source of the problem?

We know that finding damaged buried pipes, wires, or valves can be a challenge, and we have the technology to get the job done. We use wire tracing equipment that allows us to start at the control box and follow the path of the wires to the valve or break in the line. We will then repair the broken area and continue on with the wire tracer.

Visual audit of your irrigation system

Our trained professionals can do a thorough visual audit of your irrigation system to check for leaks, broken sprinkler heads and valves, improper spray patterns, faulty timers, and any other problems.

After the evaluation, we will make recommendations on the best way to improve your sprinkler system to make it run more efficiently, save money, conserve water, meet your irrigation needs, and give you a healthy, beautiful lawn. This sprinkler repair may involve making adjustments to sprinkler heads or repairing or replacing damaged parts.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we work hard to provide you with the best irrigation services possible, from sprinkler system tune-ups or repairs to sprinkler maintenance services. We have qualified, trained professionals who can provide you with the high-quality sprinkler system you need to make your lawn care process more effective.

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