Commercial Hydroseed

Commercial hydroseeding is a quick, effective process that involves applying a slurry of seed, water, fertilizer, wood fiber mulch, and sometimes a tackifier – which is a bonding agent – over an area where you want to create a new lawn, establish groundcover or reduce soil erosion from wind and water.

Hydroseed is an alternative to sod, and it can be sprayed over large areas, on hillsides, and in hard-to-grow areas. The hydroseed mixture can also be tailored to each customer’s needs, with different types of grass seed mixtures, ground cover, or erosion seed blends.

What are the advantages of Hydroseeding?

Fast results – Hydroseeding allows you to have a new, high-quality lawn, in a short amount of time. With hydroseeding, you will begin to see results in just a few weeks, which is quicker than you would see with dry seed. This is because the mulch in the hydroseed mixture helps protect the seed as it promotes faster germination.

Economical – Hydroseeding is a cost-effective process that runs about one quarter to one-third of the cost of traditional sod applications. This can quickly add up to a large savings when a large area of land is involved.

Soil stabilization and Erosion Control – Hydroseeding creates a protective layer that helps retain sediment, control dust, and stabilize the soil.

Are there site restrictions or special requirements for the planting process?

There are a few requirements that need to be considered when planning a commercial hydroseed project. These are:

  • We use large, heavy trucks to transport the hydroseed, which means that we require solid roads and staging areas to bring our trucks to the site.
  • We have long hoses to extend into any areas that are restricted due to gates or fences. Please tell us the distance we need to extend our hoses.
  • Due to the size of our trucks, we need a minimum of 14 feet height clearance.

What are the water requirements for hydroseeding services?

Hydroseeding jobs require large amounts of water, so an abundant water source is necessary. This could be a nearby fire hydrant, a water truck, or a pond from which we can draft water for the project.

Can you hydroseed wildflowers?

We can hydroseed almost anything, including grass seed mixes, native mixes, wildflower mixes, and economic erosion mixes or custom native seed blends.

How much does commercial hydroseeding cost?

The cost of hydroseeding varies greatly according to the intended application, the source of water, the type of hydroseeding mixture, and the size and square footage of the area to be hydroseeded.

For pricing information on hydroseeding services, call our office to schedule an appointment for a free quote. We will visit your site and provide you with an accurate quote for your project.w

What types of hydroseeding mulch do you use?

Every job is different, so we work with each client to determine the best type of mulch for each project, according to the specifications of each situation. Mulch options include:
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