Residential Hydroseed


We can give you your dream lawn through the cost effect effective process called hyroseeding. We can apply a carefully formulated mixture with grass seed and in a few weeks your lawn will be lush and green. We have been hyroseeding in in the Yuba-Sutter area for 30+ years,.

Careful preparation needs to be put into the ground and irrigation system before hydroseed can be applied to ensure the best conditions for germination. Our experienced crews can also come out and remove, prep, and install your new hydroseed lawn if you want a turn key approach.

Hydroseeding is a fast, cost effective way to have a beautiful new lawn that all will envy and enjoy.

Hydroseeding costs only a little more than the old fashioned methods that combine dry seeding techniques and a messy straw mulch.

Your new hydroseeded lawn costs less than 1/4 the cost of laying sod, and in a few weeks you will have a beautiful, stronger rooted lawn with no need to worry if the sod will take.

Hydroseed is a combination of seed and a protective mulch covering that is green in appearance. Once you have decided to have your area sprayed, we will choose with you a special blend of seeds that will work best for the conditions and requirements you have. Some of theses factors may be the amount of sun and shade on your property, the type of terrain and soil you have, and if you have children or pets.

Your lawn will be spray hydroseeded with a professional, high quality, certified turf mix. The time of germination will depend on the weather conditions, the time of year you apply,the amount of water available, and the area you live in as well as other possible factors.

Usually grass blades will be visible in 7-10 days, a few days slower in cold weather or the hottest part of summer.

Let our expert team and seeding specialists help you to grow the beautiful, lush lawn you have always wanted.