Residential Weed Control

Weed control for all homes

We can help you keep your grass weed free through the whole year with our comprehensive services.

The chemicals we use are commercial grade, to be applied by a licensed applicator. Which chemical that is used will depend on need, temperature, and environment. We will guide you through what will be needed for your yard.

Lawn Fertilization – Your lawn will stay looking its best through every season. We use slow-release fertilizers that deliver essential nutrients over a period of time, strengthening your lawn for long-term defense.

“You want Weed Control? Call Bruce” – With our array of weed control options, we can treat your lawn for broadleaf and grassy weeds. With proper maintenance, you will never have to see unsightly weeds marring your otherwise beautiful lawn.

Bruce will introduce himself to you and together review your lawn and yard. What that is will depend on the time of year also.
After a treatment plan is in place, he will also review when to shut off/turn on your water. These applications are done as needed basis, so they can be repeated as little or as often as you would like.

Water Management – We have been serving northern California for 39+ years. We understand how to get your lawn properly watered during the hot summer months and cool winters. Correct watering coverage, amount, and timing are essential for a healthy lawn with no weeds.